GARAM Environmental Technology


Odor Reduction Device VOPS

We present a fundamental solution to the rapidly increasing number of urban sewage odor complaints with environmental new technology and patented technology.

Odor Reduction Device VOPS Stable processing efficiency

The odor treatment technology is applied using a complex adsorbent with amorphous copper-manganese oxide added. With technology certified as a new environmental technology, it is possible to treat within the emission limit of the Odor Prevention Act (hydrogen sulfide (H2S) less than 0.02 ppm in other areas).

Odor Reduction Device VOPS Principle of odor removal

The introduced malodorous gas is adsorbed and desorbed by the impregnated activated carbon, and the unadsorbed or desorbed malodorous gas is decomposed by the porous copper manganese oxide CuO-γ-MnO₂ to become an odorless gas and then adsorbed again by the impregnated activated carbon.

Sewage Pipeline Odor Control Guidelines
(Ministry of Environment, March 2020)

  • easy work
    Management is possible without specialized knowledge or skilled technology, and unmanned automated operation with time reservation (8hr/day)
  • Field Applicability
    The area required for installation of the device is small, and external installation is possible.
  • Maintenance convenience
    Treatment efficiency is guaranteed by replacing the adsorbent decomposition agent once a year
  • Stable processing efficiency
    Can be treated within the allowable emission standard under the Odor Prevention Act (Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), 0.02ppm or less in other areas)
Category 1㎥ / min 3㎥ / min
Model name VOPS-1-2020 VOPS-1-2020
Item identification number 24074241 24074241
Specification 0.23(W)*0.23(L)*3.5(H)
( 0.49(W)*0.49(L)*3.52(H) )
( 0.49(W)*0.49(L)*3.52(H) )
power consumption (KW) 0.2 0.2
Category 5㎥ / min 10㎥ / min
Model name VOPS-05-2020 VOPS-10-2020
Item identification number 24074242 24074243
Specification 1.4(W)*0.75(L)*0.8(H)
( 1.4(W)*0.75(L)*3.52(H) )
( 1.4(W)*0.85(L)*3.62(H) )
power consumption (KW) 0.4 0.4
Category 15㎥ / min 50㎥ / min
Model name VOPS-15 VOPS-50
Item identification number 24305156 24305154
Specification 1.87(W)*0.99(D)*1.37(H) 2.15(W)*1.14(D)*1.42(H)
power consumption (KW) 0.75 1.5
Category 30㎥ / min 40㎥ / min 50㎥ / min
Model name VOPS-30 VOPS-40 VOPS-50
Item identification number 24305152 24305153 24305154
Specification 2.1(W)*1.69(D)*2.0(H) 2.37(W)*1.69(D)*2.0(H) 2.54(W)*1.71(D)*2.0(H)
power consumption (KW) 1.5 2.2 2.2

Roadside civil complaint resolution case

  • Removal of odor-causing substances during the weather in the conduit
  • Removal of roadside odors and improvement of urban aesthetics

우수토실 민원해결 사례

  • 악취 농축 및 부패로 인한 심화 방지
  • GAS, 악취물질 축적방지로 위험요인 제거

마을하수처리장 민원해결사례

  • 하수처리장 내 악취 농축 및 심화 방지
  • 인접한 마을주민 악취민원 해결

중계펌프장 민원해결사례

  • 관거 내 기상 중 악취원인물질 제거
  • 펌프장 부식방지 및 중독사고 예방

복계하천 민원해결사례

  • 복개하천 말단부의 악취차단 및 저감
  • 악취로 인한 주변 주민 주거환경 개선

유수지 민원해결사례

  • 오수유입부에서 발생되는 악취차단 및 저감
  • 문화시설 내 악취물질 확산 방지

Non-powered automatic odor blocker GR-CL

It has solved riverside odor blocking and rainwater discharge at the same time.

Odor Reduction Device VOPSFully sealed to block odors

Patented technology enables non-powered operation at each level of water level and blocks odors by completely sealing.

Odor Reduction Device VOPSOdor blocking principle

It is a non-powered odor blocking device that completely blocks the outflow of odors from rainwater and automatically opens in case of rain.

It is a non-motorized odor blocking device that completely blocks the outflow of odors from rainwater and automatically opens in case of rain.

  • sealing performance
    With the main purpose of blocking odors, it is installed at an angle so that it can be completely sealed by the weight of the water gate, so the sealing performance is excellent.
  • ability to pass through
    Blocked and completely sealed by gravity on non-rainy days, automatically opened by buoyancy when the water level rises by more than 2.5% of the soil in case of precipitation (1.5m * 1.5m in soil)
  • Field Applicability
    It is composed of polycarbonate and stainless steel with excellent impact strength and durability, and can be applied to various sites by custom-made installation.
  • Ease of internal inspection
    The main material of the sluice gate gate is polycarbonate, so the weight per m2 is lighter than that of the general automatic gate gate.
size tandard name (procurement product identification number)
sluice gate sluice gate frame
1.5M * 1.5M
  • CL-P225
  • (23349279)
  • CL-F225
  • (23349171)
1.5M * 2.0M
  • CL-P300
  • (23349282)
  • CL-F300
  • (23349174)
2.0M * 1.5M
  • CL-P300W
  • (23349283)
  • CL-F300W
  • (23349175)
2.5M * 1.5M
  • CL-P375W
  • (23349285)
  • CL-F375W
  • (23349177)
2.0M * 2.0M
  • CL-P400
  • (23349286)
  • CL-F400
  • (23349178)
2.5M * 2.0M
  • CL-P500W
  • (23349288)
  • CL-F500W
  • (23349180)

Complaint resolution cases