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It is highly competitive with the latest technology of
non-VOCs high functional coating technologies.

What’s “POLYSCO”?

What’s “POLYSCO”? This is a coating agent in which various functional additives are added to polymer resins such as PE and PP, and the coating agent shows exceptional chemical resistance to acids, bases, oils, seawaters and saltwater with the chemical stability of the complex polymer, not to mention being capable of preventing corrosions of various facilities such as iron and concrete. Furthermore, this is a dry-type functional coating developed purely with domestic technology, and this eco-friendly coating agent has solved the problems of the previously complicated and tedious processes, and problems of heavy duty type coating that generates harmful substances from using VOCs as solvents.


Classification NO. Property Purpose Chemical resistance
General Industry GI-110 Abrasion resistance Various industrial fields such as parking lot, industrial Facility, door warehouse, paint cover ≤4%
GI-120 Shock resistance
GI-130 Tensile strength
GI-210 Acid resistance Chemical industry fields that require chemical resistance, such as environmental plants, chemical plants, water treatment facilities, chemical tanks, and refineries ≤2%
General Industry GI-220 Alkali resistance
GI-230 Oil resistance
General Industry OL-110 Salt water resistance,
Microbial resistance
Salt water coating field such as sluice, shop, and offshore structures ≤2%
(30% Nacl)
General Industry FC-UV-1 UV resistance Outdoor use ≤4%
FC-NS-1 Non-slip For Non-slip purposes ≤5%
  • Chemical resistance:(ASTM D 543-95 specification) shows the mass and length change rates after 30 days of soaking in 30% sulfuric acid, 30%
  • Colors:red, yellow, green, blue, brown, black (Various colors are available depending on the added pigment)
  • Y-101
  • O-102
  • B-103
  • R-201
  • B-001
  • G-401
  • G-402
  • B-501
  • B-502
  • B-503

* The above colors are printed and mat differ from the actual colors

Polymer Thermal
Spray Coating

Polymer thermal spray coating is a technology that uses powder thermal spray, in which the heat source is the combustion heat of propane gas, and improves the surface quality by rapidly spraying a powder material into the center of the flame to form a coating film on the basic material.


Unlike the previous oil paints, anticorrosive paints or heavy-duty paints, a volatile organic compound (VOCs), that is, the solvent is not included, used or emitted, and the technology is eco-friendly by using only nontoxic materials and not emitting substances harmful to human body, such as chlorine, dioxin and isocyanate.

The powdered polymer resin with resistances in heat, chemicals, abrasion and extreme weathers, a coating film is formed on the basic material to protect metal, concrete and industrial materials such as FRP from being corroded or damaged by various seawater, chemicals with strong penetrations such as acid, base and solvents, strong UV ray, water, sand or even moistures.


1. Waste water Disposal Facility

2. Waste water Disposal Facility

3. Concrete Water Tank

4. Pump Floodgate

5. filtration system